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FasPsych, a Delaware limited liability corporation, was formed in 2007 and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Our mission is to provide immediate, innovative staffing solutions to the ever-growing demand for behavioral health services and decreasing pool of qualified professionals. Over the past twenty years there has been staggering growth in the demand for all types of healthcare services, especially in behavioral health evaluation and medication management, resulting in a shortage of qualified clinicians to provide the needed services.
Telepsychiatry Staffing Solutions

Telepsychiatry Staffing Solutions

We have developed a specialized pool of psychiatrists and psychiatric advance practice registered nurses (APRNs) who are available to provide services to provider agencies and other organizations in need of practitioners. Our company provides quality clinicians, who are available to deliver services on a long-term or permanent basis, to a wide range of organizations facing long term struggles relating to recruiting and maintaining psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs.

Telepsychiatry is our specialty and approximately 99% of services are provided via real-time, interactive televideo communication.  In certain cases we may be able to provide, or to refer practitioners to organizations seeking temporary, on-site coverage.
FasPsych Telepsychiatry Facts

FasPsych Facts

Currently, we are scheduled to provide:
  • Approximately 15,000 telepsychiatry visits per month
  • Services to outpatient clinics, inpatient units, residential treatment programs and correctional facilities

Currently, we have:
  • Approximately 100 psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs providing services
  • Contracts with organizations in seventeen (17) states
Web Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing Equipment and Software

Some organizations already have video teleconferencing equipment. In recent years, technology has steadily improved resulting in lower prices and better picture and sound quality. Equipment formerly costing $50,000 is now available for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, there are economical web-based options available which offer greater convenience, are widely accessible and easy to use.

While FasPsych is not an equipment, software, or web-based program vendor, we will assist the organization in finding the most cost-effective solutions and advise staff how best to create an appropriate telepsychiatric setting. Alternatively, FasPsych will provide the organization with licenses to use HIPAA-compliant software over our secure server. Our software provides the infrastructure for ad hoc and structured video conferences at no additional cost to the organization, throughout the life of the contract.

FasPsych IT support staff is available 24/365 to provide assistance to practitioners and to help organizations trouble-shoot any technical difficulties should they arise.
Medical Records

Medical Records

FasPsych requires practitioners to work with organizations to ensure documentation of clinical services is integrated into patient medical records in both a secure and efficient manner. We believe that flexibility is important; therefore, practitioners will utilize the organization's electronic medical record (EMR) or complete organization-specific paper forms to document the provision of clinical services.


Practitioners are accustomed to using a variety of electronic prescribing (e-Rx) and computerized order entry applications and will prescribe via whichever e-Rx product the organization is using. If the product is e-PCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances) certified, practitioners will electronically prescribe controlled substances when clinically indicated. If this option is unavailable, the organization must provide and ship tamper-resistant prescription pads/printer paper directly to the practitioner as an original signature is required on all hand-written prescriptions for schedule II medications.  

The practitioner will then mail the prescriptions for patients taking stimulants to the organization. Organizational staff is responsible for documenting the receipt of prescriptions, contacting patients once their prescription arrives, and for distributing the prescriptions to the appropriate patient or parent/guardian.
Credentialing and Privileging

Credentialing and Privileging

FasPsych's business objective is to provide quality psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs for long-term placement to organizations that are not meeting their behavioral health staffing needs in more traditional ways. To achieve our objective, we carefully screen potential applicants to maximize the potential for a successful placement. When filing an open position, FasPsych screens out approximately 90 percent of all applicants.

During the application process, successful applicants:
  • Provide multiple references,
  • Are board certified in their area of expertise,
  • Have a negative history for board action(s),
  • Interview with multiple FasPsych staff and ultimately,
  • Interview with staff at the organizations offering a potential placement.

Once FasPsych is sure a practitioner will go forward, the process of collecting copies of licenses, diplomas, certifications, registrations and other supporting documents begins. FasPsych engages in online verifications to make sure personnel is properly licensed to practice medicine, not debarred from participating in federal healthcare programs, etc., however given the agencies with which we contract all have different requirements with regard to credentialing/privileging applications and forms, FasPsych does not formally credential and privilege practitioners (e.g. conduct primary source verification with regard to education, criminal history etc.).

Practitioner credentialing and privileging is completed by the entity for which they will perform services.   FasPsych facilitates this process and ensures professionals have successfully completed any documentation and/or training required by our customers.
Performance Evaluation

Practitioner Performance

When FasPsych supplies an organization with a practitioner, our goal is for the practitioner to become a fully integrated part of its clinical team. FasPsych highly recommends that organizations interview the practitioner(s) we refer. Although each practitioner is an independently licensed independent contractor, they are expected to be trained by the organization on, and to perform in accordance with, the policies, procedures and protocols in place at the organization where they are placed.  Additionally, as part of the organization's clinical team, they will report to, and their performance will be assessed by, the organization’s clinical leadership as directed.

If, for whatever reason, the organization's clinical leadership is unhappy with the practitioner's performance, they are encouraged to inform the practitioner directly and to then initiate their standard performance improvement process. If, after directly communicating concerns and expected actions, the practitioner fails to remedy the expressed concern(s), the organization in encouraged to inform FasPsych. We will work with both parties to develop a suitable plan of correction, or work with the organization to replace the clinician. FasPsych strives to provide organizations with professional, highly qualified practitioners who will serve as asset to each clinical team they serve on a long-term or permanent basis.

FasPsych is constantly recruiting to fill open positions, therefore in the event a practitioner is not a good fit, we will find the organization a replacement at no additional charge.


Most of the services provided by FasPsych are billed using an hourly rate and are block purchased by the organizations with which we contract. However, depending upon the type of service provided, other rates may be more applicable (e.g. per diem, per call, per consult, fee-for-service etc.). *
Professional Liability Insurance

  Liability Insurance

FasPsych maintains professional liability coverage for all the psychiatrists, psychiatric APRNs and counselors we supply. Many of these professionals also carry their own separate policies.

* FasPsych will work with each organization to develop pricing that is mutually beneficial.
Telepsychiatry Implementation

Implementation Plan

Implementing telepsychiatry at an organization or facility can appear to be a daunting task. FasPsych strives to make this a logical and manageable process and will work in tandem with the organization’s staff to achieve their desired outcomes. We have developed a detailed tool that outlines the steps involved in ramping up a new program. FasPsych will meet with the team at their discretion to discuss each step and track our progress as the “go live” date approaches. Technical, administrative and clinical issues and processes are all addressed and agreed upon by both parties prior to the scheduled start date. Adjustments and/or refinements are then made together throughout the life of the contract.
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