Behavioral Health Centers

Behavioral Health Centers

Behavioral Health CentersCurrently, FasPysch collaborates with almost 130 organizations across almost every state to provide accessible, effective telepsychiatric care.

We connect qualified providers with a wide variety of partner organizations to provide long-term mental and behavioral health services. These include:

The FasPsych Advantage

When you partner with us, you get the benefit of having a qualified provider ready to work without having to undertake all the work behind the scenes.

  • We do the recruiting for you at no charge.
  • Your provider will be fully and appropriately licensed for your state.
  • We help identify Medicaid and Medicare registration numbers and approval by additional carriers as necessary.
  • You select the schedule: choose full or part-time staff.
  • Our prescribing providers will add their documents directly to your organization’s electronic medical records and use your e-prescribing application.