How Telepsychiatry Companies Can Make Your ER More Efficient

How Telepsychiatry Companies Can Make Your ER More Efficient

Emergency department of hospital working with telepsychiatry companies
Instant access to psychiatric assessment from telepsychiatry companies helps relieve the burden of mental health care from overworked ER staff.

Providing efficient care to mental health patients in an emergency department is a challenging task. Often, these patients require constant supervision while waiting to see an appropriate physician, requiring staff to remain with them instead of being available to provide critical medical care to other patients. Telepsychiatry companies can help meet this need.

Telepsychiatry services have opened up new possibilities when it comes to meeting the needs of mental health patients quickly and accurately. Telemed technology can streamline the process of triaging mental health patients, helping your emergency department run more efficiently. 

In this post, we will discuss how partnering with a professional telepsychiatry company can improve overall efficiency, safety, and job satisfaction for your ER staff. To discuss incorporating on-demand telepsychiatry services into your ER, contact us at FasPsych today.

Telepsychiatry Benefits an Overworked Hospital Environment

Hospitals across the US are leveraging telepsychiatry companies to provide access to timely psychiatric consultations, particularly in rural or underserved areas. This form of telemed is revolutionizing the way hospitals operate, especially in a highly reactive environment like an emergency department. 

With access to telepsychiatry companies, ER staff can rely on remote psychiatric services that are convenient, efficient, and more cost-effective than traditional methods. This is particularly valuable for hospitals that lack in-house psychiatric resources. This technology allows mental health patients to access on-demand psychiatric consultations and evaluations, significantly reducing wait times and easing the burden on staff. 

By offering virtual consultations, psychiatrists can determine the best course of action for patients experiencing mental health challenges, without having to be physically present in the ER. This also means that patients can receive prompt psychiatric care, which can decrease the length of their ER stay

Case studies have shown that telepsychiatry has resulted in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, reduced hospitalization rates, and lowered healthcare costs. Adopting telepsychiatry services for your emergency department means patients are given prompt access to specialized care, staff is freed up, and the overall efficiency of your department is improved.

Access On-Demand Psychiatric Services for Your ER

With the advent of telepsychiatry companies, it is now possible to triage mental health patients via telephone or video consults, with psychiatric practitioners available at a moment’s notice. This is especially valuable when your ER receives a person who is in a mental health crisis and needs immediate attention. With the ability to access psychiatric care remotely, patients can receive timely and effective treatment, which can greatly improve their outcomes.

  • Telephone Consults: The attending ER physician and the psychiatric provider review the patient’s presenting symptoms and treatment options over the phone. The psychiatric provider follows up quickly by sending a consultation summary to the physician.
  • Video Consults: The attending ER physician requests a video consultation with the psychiatric provider, a time for the consult is set, and the psychiatric provider facilitates the video session. After the consultation, a written evaluation is issued promptly to the physician.

Flexible, Accessible Solutions from Telepsychiatry Companies

When it comes to choosing a quality telepsychiatry company, flexibility is important to consider. This is especially true when working with ER hours that operate around the clock, as well as the need for urgent patient evaluations. A company that can accommodate these time-sensitive needs is not only convenient but ensures that patients receive the care they need when they need it. 

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, telepsychiatry companies should offer technical support and work closely with hospitals to ensure a seamless integration. Reliable, functional technology is especially important during times of crisis when mental health needs may escalate. 

Expertise and Support from FasPsych

Telepsychiatry companies are helping to make psychiatric care more accessible and convenient for ER staff across the country. Knowing that you have the service and support from experienced telepsychiatry professionals ready to assist in any situation can provide your staff with confidence and the ability to respond swiftly. 

Contact us today to discuss your service needs and how our team can help you succeed.