Psychiatric Services Through Secure, Interactive Televideo Communication

Current Partners

FasPsych currently contracts with approximately 57 organizations located in twelve (12) states. We provide psychiatrists and psychiatric advance practice registered nurses to community mental health centers, inpatient facilities, correctional facilities, residential programs and primary care physician offices.

Interested Practitioner

Given there is a national shortage of qualified behavioral health professions, requests for telepsychiatry services continue to grow. If you are interested in this emerging field, FasPsych can provide you with an opportunity to provide services to organizations in need. We partner with both experienced practitioners and practitioners who are new to telepsychiatry. We will assist you throughout the entire set up process and provide you with ongoing technological support.

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Interested Organizations

While providing clinical services via video teleconference is not a new concept, it is only over the past several years that telepsychiatry has begun to become a more mainstream solution to private and non-profit organizations in need of staffing alternative. FasPsych will provide you with quality psychiatrists and psychiatric Advance Practice Registered Nurses (e.g. nurse practitioners/clinical nurse specialists) and will provide you with staff and services that are tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

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