What is Telepsychiatry

What is Telepsychiatry?

What is Telepsychiatry?Already, more than 150 million Americans live in areas with a shortage of mental health professionals. With over 30% of adults in the United States facing mental health challenges, medical associations anticipate a rising demand for psychiatric care while the number of available psychiatrists continues to decline. Within the next few years, the country is expected to be short around 23,000 psychiatrists.

Telepsychiatry can provide the solution organizations need. Research shows that telepsychiatry is effective and efficient, resulting in reliable diagnoses, patient satisfaction, and positive clinical outcomes. Telepsychiatry is particularly valuable for organizations in rural areas where access to mental health services is even more limited.

We Find the Right Provider for You

With telepsychiatry, your organization is matched with a provider who specializes in precisely what your clients or employees need. You only pay for the time they spend interacting directly with individuals, meaning you save on the cost of having a full-time position on staff.

We’re not a call center where you simply get connected to the first available person. Your provider will be the same every time, as they work on building long-term relationships within your organization. However, if you feel a certain provider is not the right fit for you, we have a large network of qualified practitioners and can work with you to find a new provider quickly.

Efficient and Effective Virtual Appointments

Interactive, real time audio/video service helps connect telepsychiatry practitioners and patients to provide essential service and care. All our TelePysch practitioners use video teleconferencing equipment with standards-based embedded encryption to comply with HIPAA requirements and protect client privacy.

When we partner with you to provide telepsychiatry services, you’ll also benefit from our tech support. We are platform neutral, which means we work to integrate with your existing systems to make the process as seamless as possible.

Our Providers Can E-Prescribe

Many of our providers are able to e-prescribe. With e-prescribing, our telepsychiatry providers are able to send an electronic prescription directly to a pharmacy. Not only does this make getting prescriptions easy and convenient for clients, but it ensures the prescription is accurate and understandable for the pharmacist.

Telepsychiatry Solutions from FasPsych

We partner with dozens of organizations across the United States to offer customizable telepsychiatry solutions. If you are looking for mental or behavioral health services for your clients or employees, you can rely on FasPsych to deliver proven, accessible care. Contact us now to learn more.