Counseling Practice Augmentation

Counseling Practice Augmentation

Counseling Practice AugmentationWhile counseling has been an evidenced-base practice for decades, there is a percentage of patients that function best when they receive a combination of counseling and psychotropic medication.

When a therapist decides that medication may be needed to manage symptoms, they have two options. They can either refer the patient to a primary care physician to a psychiatric professional, depending on the complexity of the symptoms.

Some counseling practices may already have an affiliated psychiatric professional they can recommend, but many do not, given that the demand for psychiatrists practitioners far exceeds the available supply.

Practices that cannot offer both counseling and medication evaluation and management services may risk losing a percentage of patients who are looking to receive both services in the same location.

Increase Your Service Offerings with Telepsychiatry

Thanks to the convenience of telepsychiatry, FasPsych can augment your counseling practice services by supplying a psychiatric provider for long-term placement. Provider availability can be tailored to meet the specific needs of practices large and small. In addition, we ensure that the provider has the education and experience to meet the specific needs of the populations you serve.

We will connect you with qualified providers such as:

Supplementary Psychiatric Services from FasPsych

Access to telepsychiatry results in reliable diagnoses and patient satisfaction. With our customizable telepsychiatry solutions, FasPsych can augment the services your practice offers so you can meet all your patients’ needs. Our comprehensive service will:

  • Do the recruiting for you at no charge.
  • Ensure your provider is fully and appropriately licensed for your state.
  • Help you select the appropriate schedule and number of hours for your practice.

Our team can provide the psychiatric care your clients need to help your counseling practice expand its service offerings. Get in touch now to learn more.