Psychiatric Hospitals

Psychiatric Hospitals

Psychiatric HospitalsCurrently, there are close to 600 registered psychiatric hospitals in the U.S.  Between 2010 and 2018, inpatient psychiatric beds in all types of organizations have increased 17% overall. While state hospital beds decreased by almost 20%, private psychiatric hospital patients have more than doubled. Combined, the ten largest psychiatric hospitals in the country alone have a capacity of almost 10,000 beds.

Consequently, the overall demand for psychiatrists and APRNs in this setting is extremely high. Predictions show that the country is expected to be short around 23,000 psychiatrists within the next few years. At the same time, psychiatric hospitals are seeing a growing number of patients. In fact, the number of adult patients in inpatient or residential treatment beds has increased by around 24% over the last decade. Hospitals face the ongoing challenge of maintaining staff coverage to meet their patients’ essential needs.

Offset Critical Staff Shortages with Telepsychiatry

Critical shortages in psychiatric care continue to impact behavioral health care across America. With telepsychiatry, FasPsych can provide psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs to serve as primary practitioners. Flexible scheduling options ensure you maintain 24/7 coverage in your hospital, or can simply augment the current coverage provided by on-site staff.

Services we provide for psychiatric hospitals include:

  •  On-call coverage (telephone and/or video consult)
  •  Psychiatric evaluation and medication management (daily rounds)
  •  Court-ordered evaluation (civil commitment)
  •  Restoration to competency

Staffing Solutions from FasPsych

We offer customizable telepsychiatry solutions to meet the staffing requirements of your hospital. You can rely on consistent, quality care from our qualified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses. Our service will:

  • Ensure our prescribing providers can use your electronic medical records and e-prescribing application.
  • Confirm that your providers hold all necessary certifications and licenses for your state.
  • Work with you to select the best schedule for your needs—choose full or part-time staff.

Our goal is to provide flexible, reliable behavioral and mental health services. We work closely with you to establish a telepsychiatric program that meets your specific needs. Contact us to discuss potential solutions.