What Type Of Patients Will I See

What Types of Patients Will I See?

Types of PatientsOur practitioners provide mental health and behavioral health services to organizations across the United States. Our team completes approximately 15,000 telepsychiatry visits each month!

We partner with a wide variety of organizations to provide consistent, long-term telepsychiatric services. We believe building relationships is key to success, so we do our utmost to place you within the optimal organization for your skills and specialty.

The types of patients you will see depends on your placement with one of our partner organizations. These organizations serve people seeking treatment for a wide variety of behavioral health concerns, including general mental health issues, serious mental illness, and substance use disorders. Approximately 90% of patients have Medicaid benefits, and around 10% of them have Medicare or private insurance.

Patient Settings

Telepsychiatry is used in many different settings. Currently, two of the key settings for our practitioners are outpatient mental health centers and inpatient psychiatric units.

Organizations that we serve include: