Medicare and Medicaid Help Cover Telepsychiatric Services

Telepsychiatric ServicesMedicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers certain telehealth services. Medicare reimburses for psychiatric evaluation, medication monitoring, and several other services as long as the patient site is located within a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). You can identify if your region is within an HPSA here.

Approximately 48 states can use Medicaid funds to pay for telepsychiatric services. Federal Medicaid regulations do not specifically address telehealth, so individual states have flexibility in determining the parameters of telehealth for coverage purposes.

Private insurance carriers may cover certain types of telehealth services, so it is recommended to contact your carrier to confirm coverage and correct billing information. Since FasPsych is reimbursed by your organization on an hourly basis, you will need to bill your insurance source directly for the services we provide.

Support from the FasPsych Team

Our team at FasPsych can provide general information as to which types of telepsychiatric services are reimbursable. We have experience working with dozens of organizations across almost every state, and can share our insight into relevant insurance options. Get in touch with us today to find out more.