Primary Care Practice Integration

Primary Care – Mental Health

Primary Care - Mental HealthFasPsych can help offset the demands on general and family physicians. Many Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) have been required to add psychiatric care to their workload as mental health issues have continued to rise. This detracts from the time that needs to be dedicated to primary medical care.

Our team of psychiatric professionals takes on the responsibility of managing mental health care for primary care facilities or individual PCPs. Telepsychiatry has multiple benefits for you and your patients, as it can help to:

  • Reduce unnecessary visits to primary care office for somatic complaints
  • Lower emergency room visits
  • Intervene before a psychiatric hospitalization
  • Arrange access to drug treatment interventions
  • Develop collaborative, integrated health care

Custom Telepsychiatry Solutions for Primary Care

Telepsychiatry can be used to integrate a psychiatrist or psychiatric APRN into a PCP practice to fulfill essential mental health care needs. Video conferencing allows the PCP to immediately connect to a psychiatrist or other psychiatric professional for consultation, ultimately leading to more effective patient care.

Telepsychiatric providers support primary care facilities by actively taking on patient care and related professional tasks. Our providers integrate with your primary care team to take on the responsibility of tasks such as:

  • Provide focused case-related clinical support
  • Review and approve treatment plans and clinical reports
  • Facilitate treatment coordination for patients
  • Attend clinical staffings via video conference
  • Provide skill-specific training and consultation to clinical staff and administration
  • Participate in committees and meetings as needed
  • Develop and review applicable medical policies, procedures, and protocols

Comprehensive Mental Health Services with FasPsych

We have a pool of experienced psychiatric professionals able to work on a full-time or part-time basis with primary care facilities across the country. We can provide flexible services to adapt to your organization’s, while ensuring you get the thorough support your patients require. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to provide virtual mental health care.