Become a FasPsych Telepsychiatry Partner

Telepsychiatry PartnerWhen you choose to partner with FasPsych, you get cost-effective mental health care without sacrificing quality. Our customizable service offerings mean you only pay for what you need.

You also don’t have to worry about purchasing and setting up a new software system. We handle all the complicated behind-the-scenes work so we can get telepsychiatric providers and clients connected as quickly as possible.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our partners have the flexibility to select the payment model that works best for their organization. You can choose to pay by visit, by hour, or by day. This only includes hours related directly to patient care or for training required by your organization. You will not pay for practitioner vacation days, sick days, time spent obtaining continuing medical education hours, or travel time.

FasPsych practitioners do not accrue any paid time off and are not eligible for benefits related to the Family and Medical Leave Act. There is also no upfront cost when you join us as a partner organization.

Integration With Your Systems

Our tech support team works behind the scenes to get everything up and running. We provide all software licenses and electronic services, including e-health recorders, e-prescribing platforms, and video conferencing software. We integrate directly into your existing system so that it is easy for your organization to access virtual appointments and maintain records.

Our goal is to also ensure your FasPsych provider integrates successfully into your organization. Building a long-term relationship with you means your clients or employees will get the quality care that they need. Our providers are specifically screened to ensure that they work efficiently, meaning that once a placement is made, they will follow your organization’s clinical, administrative, and productivity protocols.

Long-Term Relationship With Your Provider

FasPsych strives to provide organizations with professional, highly qualified telepsychiatric practitioners who will be an asset to your clinical team. When we connect you with a provider, our goal is for them to become a fully integrated, long-term member of your team. We highly recommend that you interview the provider yourself to ensure the best fit. They should also undergo any required training within your organization to ensure they meet your policies, procedures, and protocols. Additionally, they are expected to report to your clinical leadership as directed.

If, for whatever reason, your clinical leadership is unhappy with a provider’s performance, we encourage you to initiate your standard performance improvement process with them directly. If your provider fails to remedy the expressed concern(s) after direct communication, inform our team at FasPsych. We will work with both parties to develop a suitable plan of correction, or can work with you to find a replacement at no additional charge.

A Partnership That Works For You

We partner with you to provide customizable telepsychiatry solutions for your organization. When you work with us, you can count on professional, quality service from our entire team. Contact us today!