Primary Care – Mental Health

Primary Care Practice Integration

Primary Care Practice IntegrationAs mental health issues in the general population have continued to rise over the last two decades, Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) have been required to incorporate psychiatric care into their routine healthcare. With over 30% of adults in the United States facing mental health challenges, there is an ongoing demand for accessible care. However, acting as a psychiatric care provider in an already busy medical role adds to the stress of time management and treatment challenges for a PCP.

PCPs have made significant strides in caring for psychiatric disorders; however, there is a threshold after which psychiatric medication turns into a risk management issue. It also becomes very expensive for the insurance carrier.

Telepsychiatry Lifts the Burden of Care from PCPs

Telepsychiatry can be used to integrate a psychiatrist or APRN into a PCP practice to fulfill essential mental health care needs. Video conferencing allows the PCP to immediately connect to a psychiatrist or other psychiatric professional for consultation, ultimately leading to more effective patient care.

Telepsychiatry allows every PCP practice access to the psychiatric professionals they need, helping to:

  • Reduce unnecessary visits to the PCP office for somatic complaints
  • Lower emergency room visits
  • Intervene before a psychiatric hospitalization
  • Arrange access to drug treatment interventions
  • Develop collaborative, integrated health care

Accessible Telemed from FasPsych

We work with PCPs and insurance carriers to integrate convenient telepsychiatry services into individual practices. Our telemed services will:

  • Enable on-demand access to qualified psychiatrists and APRNs for immediate consultation.
  • Ensure our prescribing providers are able to work within your electronic medical records and use your e-prescribing application.
  • Identify relevant Medicaid and Medicare registration numbers and approval by additional carriers as required.

Let FasPysch provide behavioral health services for your practice so that you can focus on the medical care your patients need. Contact us to get started.