Dual Licensed Services

Dual Licensed Services (Psych & General Med)

Dual Licensed ServicesFor organizations with a high demand for both general and psychiatric physicians, such as emergency departments or residential treatment centers, we can provide access to qualified providers who hold a dual medical license. Since they can practice both in the field of general medicine and psychiatric medicine, this allows you to easily provide scheduled or on-demand access to whatever type of care your clients or patients may need.

Supplement Your Team with a Dedicated Provider

With FasPsych, your organization is matched with a licensed provider who specializes in what your patients need. Once a provider is placed with you, they will work with you as long as you need, building long-term relationships with your staff and patients. You also set the schedule based on your requirements, whether full-time, part-time, or on demand.

Timely, Effective Virtual Appointments

Our telepsychiatry services are platform neutral, which means we integrate with your existing systems so that completing appointments and updating medical records doesn’t cause extra work for your clinical staff.

Patients can connect with our providers for virtual appointments easily using straightforward, real time audio and video. In addition, all of our providers comply with HIPAA requirements and protect client privacy by only using approved video teleconferencing equipment that has standards-based embedded encryption.

Customized Telepsychiatry Solutions for You

With our telepsychiatric dual licensed providers, FasPsych can create a custom service solution to help you meet your patients’ needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide supplementary virtual health care for your organization.