About FasPsych

telepsych callSince 2007, FasPsych has been providing immediate, innovative staffing solutions in the behavioral health services field. Over the past twenty years, there has been staggering growth in the demand for all healthcare services, particularly in the area of mental health as this growth has corresponded with a decreasing pool of qualified professionals.

Seeing the shortage of qualified clinicians to provide behavioral health evaluation and medication management services, FasPsych was an early adopter of telepsychiatry. We have years of experience providing telepsychiatry services via real-time, interactive video communication.

Our team has developed a reliable system that delivers long-term or permanent telepsychiatry services to organizations that struggle to recruit and maintain psychiatric professionals on staff full-time. We currently partner with almost 130 organizations across the United States.

We have grown a specialized pool of over 100 psychiatrists and other practitioners who are available to provide mental health services to organizations via virtual appointments. Currently, our providers schedule approximately 15,000 telepsychiatry visits each month.

Our goal is to help address the growing mental health care need by connecting our partner organizations with our qualified providers. By facilitating flexible, accessible telepsychiatry services, we can make a difference in the lives of clients across the country.