EAP – Employee Assistance Program

EAP – Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance ProgramEmployee Assistance Programs (EAP) have become essential to companies both large and small, as many struggle to absorb increased absenteeism associated with employee mental health or substance abuse issues. These programs support employees who are struggling with mental health, and help prevent damage to staff morale for other employees who may have to take on extra work during coworkers’ absences.

An organization with a strong EAP can anticipate increased innovation, productivity, customer service, and employee satisfaction. When an employee begins to show signs of distress, an EAP provides a way to quickly intervene before a behavioral health issue interferes with the employee’s ability to perform their job.

Companies contribute a significant financial investment toward each employee, so an effective EAP is critical to maintain a healthy workforce. Research shows that companies see a return of $4 for every dollar invested in mental health.

Telepsychiatry is Cost-Efficient and Convenient

Traditional EAPs require employees to travel to a specific location in order to participate in counseling. Not only can traveling be inconvenient and inefficient, but it can result in the employee experiencing some negative stigma associated with accessing services at a mental health center or clinic. Telepsychiatry saves time, lowers costs, and helps reduce the stress and anxiety of the employee regarding mental health care. Current research supports the position that counseling is equally effective in a telemed or in-person setting.

FasPsych provides professional counselors who can address a number of areas that often present extreme distress to employees, including:

  •  Marriage and relationship issues
  •  Grief and loss
  •  Child care and care of elderly parents
  •  Work anxiety
  •  Medical/health care related issues
  •  Substance abuse and depression

Privacy and Accessibility with FasPsych

Counseling provided via video or telephone has been shown to be just as effective as in-person counseling. FasPsych removes the barriers associated with travel and helps remove the stigma of going to a mental health center. Overall, this increases the likelihood that the employee will complete the program.

  • Employees receive counseling in the privacy of their own homes.
  • Counseling is provided via telephone or video conferencing.
  • Providers are fully HIPAA compliant regarding patient privacy.

We will work closely with you to integrate telepsychiatry into your EAP so you support your employees’ mental health needs. Contact us to discuss potential solutions.