Join Our Telepsychiatry Team

What is Telepsychiatry?With the national shortage of qualified behavioral health professionals, the demand for telepsychiatry services is growing rapidly. FasPsych welcomes practitioners from around the country to join our team and provide these essential services to organizations in need.

We work with both experienced practitioners and practitioners who are new to telepsychiatry. We will assist you throughout the entire setup process and provide you with ongoing technical support.

Practitioners We Need

If you are a practitioner experienced in telepsychiatry or looking to get started in this field, we will connect you with partner organizations that can benefit from your specialty.

  • Adult Psychiatrists
  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Independent Social Workers
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Licensed Psychologists

FasPsych has a professional liability insurance policy that covers all practitioners. However, if you are a Psychiatric Advance Practice Registered Nurse, our insurance carrier does require you to carry your own policy in addition to the FasPsych policy.

Independent, Consistent Schedules

All our practitioners are independent contractors, meaning that FasPsych withholds no taxes from your paycheck. Practitioners are responsible for paying state and federal taxes quarterly. Your work-related expenses are not reimbursed by FasPsych, but the majority of them will be tax deductible. We recommend consulting a tax professional for more detailed information related to filing your return as a self-employed individual.

Generally, most of our partner organizations operate Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM local time. Scheduling is based on the time zone in which the organization is located. We also have some opportunities for on-call contracts with various inpatient facilities.

Prior to placement, FasPsych will provide you with information about the expected pace at the organization. You may choose to decline placement if you feel the scheduling requirements will not work for you. Once working with an organization, you will work directly with the management staff there to approve any variation to the schedule.

License and Certification Requirements

Physicians and Psychiatrists

Physicians must be licensed as an MD or DO and have completed a residency in psychiatry. Psychiatrists specializing in working with children/adolescents must have also completed a child/pediatric fellowship.

Psychiatrists must hold, or be eligible to hold at least one unrestricted DEA registration certificate. While ABPN/AOBNP board certification in child and adolescent psychiatry is not always required by the organization where you will be placed, it is preferred.

Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)

APRNs must be licensed as psychiatric nurse practitioners, or in select states, as psychiatric clinical nurse specialists.

APRNs licensed as family nurse practitioners will be considered as long as they are either (1) post-masters certified in psychiatry/mental health or (2) certified RN in psychiatric-mental health nursing prior to becoming an APRN.

APRNs must also be licensed to prescribe medication in the state(s) where they practice and must hold, or be eligible to hold, at least one unrestricted DEA registration certificate.

APRNs specializing in working with children/adolescents must be post-masters certified in either pediatric or family psychiatry/mental health. While ANCC/PMHS board certification in psychiatry/mental health is not always required by the organization with which we contract, it is preferred.

State Rules

As a general rule, practitioners must be licensed in the state where the patients are physically located. Some states do not allow APRNs to work independently, requiring an assigned physician to provide official oversight.

The DEA states practitioners must have a separate DEA registration for each state in which they will prescribe. Once FasPsych has placed you with a partner organization, you will be given the clinic address to list as the practice address on your registration.

Additionally, most states require practitioners to register for either a Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) number or as a participant in a state-administered Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). FasPsych staff will assist you with these processes when applicable.