ER Crisis Service

ER Crisis Services

ER Crisis ServicesEmergency departments require fast, effective solutions to triage critical psychiatric situations within the ER. With telepsychiatry, ER staff have immediate access to psychiatrists and APRNs who can provide on-demand virtual consultations for patients in psychiatric crisis. These providers are then able to quickly e-prescribe medications such as valium. Our providers will work within your electronic medical records (EMR) to remotely enter a summary of their completed consultation, applicable prescriptions, and recommendations for admittance or discharge from the ER. This saves ER personnel time as they will not be required to complete extra paperwork on psychiatric patients’ behalf.

Immediate Telepsychiatric Consultations in the ER

On demand psychiatric consultations can be provided via telephone or video. With fast access to a provider, patients can get the critical care they need, helping to defuse crisis situations in the ER.

Telephone Consults

  1. The attending ER physician and our provider review the patient’s presenting symptoms and treatment options, via the telephone.
  2. Our provider issues a summary of the consultation at the conclusion of the call.

Video Consults

  1. The attending ER physician requests a video consultation with their telepsychiatric provider, and a time for the video consult is set.
  2. The video consult is facilitated by our provider, assisted by ER personnel.
  3. The consulting provider sends a written evaluation to the ER physician once the consult is concluded.

Psychiatric Triage with FasPsych

We work with ER departments across the country to provide on-demand telepsychiatric providers. This way, we can help ER personnel respond to psychiatric crises quickly and effectively. To learn more about how we can support your emergency department, get in touch with our team now.