TelePsychiatric TEAM Services

Telepsychiatric TEAM Services

Telepsychiatric TEAM ServicesGiven the high demand for psychiatric and mental health care in the United States, key care facilities like psychiatric and medical hospitals, emergency departments, community mental health centers, and correctional facilities face the challenge of having psychiatric professionals readily available.

FasPsych provides telepsychiatric service plans that are customized to your organization. We work with you to put together a team of qualified providers who can provide the coverage you need. Depending on what your clients or patients require, your FasPysch team can include a combination of various providers, including:

Psychiatric Evaluations with Recommendations

The amount of time necessary to conduct a comprehensive telepsychiatric evaluation generally depends on the complexity of the problem, as well as the patient’s ability and willingness to work cooperatively with our provider.

The goals of a general psychiatric evaluation are to:

  1. Establish the existence of a mental disorder or other condition requiring the care of a psychiatric professional.
  2. Collect sufficient data that supports a differential diagnosis and a comprehensive clinical formulation.
  3. Collaborate with the patient and others to develop an initial treatment plan, with a focus on immediate interventions to keep the patient and those around them safe.

A psychiatric evaluation will be conducted by a psychiatrist or psychiatric APRN. A full evaluation generally includes the following components:

  • Patient interview
  • Medical record review
  • Diagnostic tests
  • History collected from collateral sources

After the evaluation is complete, your provider will submit a full summary, including their professional recommendations for treatment.

Prescription Management

After a patient has undergone a psychiatric evaluation, our team of licensed psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs can provide medication management. Our providers can work with your organization’s e-prescribing program to issue prescriptions.

Our medication management services include:

  • Prescribing medication when clinically indicated
  • Issuing an e-prescription to the appropriate pharmacy
  • Monitoring the patient’s use of psychotropic medication

Behavioral Services

Our providers can treat behavioral and mental health issues via telemed visits. Our psychiatrists and other psychiatric professionals work with dozens of organizations to provide behavioral health care services.

Talk therapy, or psychotherapy, is also available for your clients or employees. We can provide access to experienced therapists and counselors, such as:

  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed Substance Abuse Counselors

Telemed Solutions from FasPsych

We have been telepsychiatry services to organizations for many years. We have the flexibility to put together a team of providers specific to your needs, so you can provide essential care for your clients or patients. Contact us to discuss your telepsychiatric needs today.