Partner Payment Options

Payment Options for Partner Organizations

Partner OrganizationsFrom a single standalone clinic to an entire state correctional system, we have the flexibility to provide telepsychiatry services to many types of organizations. Our payment options are just as flexible. You can select the type of payment that works best for your needs.

Most of our services are billed by the hour, and organizations often purchase a set block of hours for each month. However, depending on the type of service provided, other payment options may be more applicable. This can include per diem, per consult, fee for service, or per call.

In addition, there is no upfront cost for registering with us, and no retaining fee for remaining an active partner organization. We only bill you for your provider’s service time.

Fee For Service

The fee for service payment option includes:

  • Schedule individual appointments as needed
  • 24/7 provider availability
  • Pay by consult for each appointment

Types of organizations that generally use this option include hospitals and correctional facilities.

Rounding With On Call

A rounding with on call payment option includes:

  • Pre-scheduled appointments
  • Appointments are completed back-to-back within a set block of time at the beginning of the day
  • Provider remains on call for remainder of the day once appointments are complete

Types of organizations that typically use this option include these facilities.


  • Pay in advance for set block of hours, and schedule patients within that block with no per patient fee

Accessible and Affordable Telepsychiatry Services

We strive to facilitate flexible, reliable behavioral and mental health services. We will work with you to find the optimal program and payment option for your organization. Get in touch with us to discuss potential solutions.