Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment CentersResidential treatment centers, assisted living centers, and long term care facilities often face challenges in providing behavioral and mental health care services to residents, particularly when it comes to transportation.

Transporting residents to their appointments is extremely costly and often results in mental health funds being spent on transportation in addition to psychiatric service costs, causing funding to dwindle rapidly. Many treatment centers find that their annual transportation costs end up exceeding service costs. Case managers and support staff can only bill for mileage, not for the time they spend transporting a resident, which ultimately costs your center more in terms of staff time and efficiency.

Not only that, but because of the time and hassle of traveling to see their psychiatric provider, there is a high possibility the resident will choose to “no-show” for their scheduled appointment. This results in your center having to pay a no-show fee on their behalf. With telepsychiatry, transportation costs, hassles, and penalties can be avoided entirely.

Telepsychiatry is Accessible and Convenient

Persons in residential treatment frequently have significant, ongoing mental health service needs, which is where telepsychiatry can make a major impact. Having a reliable telepsychiatric provider for your residents offers easy and convenient access to the psychiatric services they need. The benefits of telepsychiatry will include the capability to:

  • Improve continuity of care due to one provider being assigned to care for the patient
  • Collaborate and share information with the clinical team and utilization management staff
  • Expedite stepping people down to a less restrictive level of care
  • Track each person from admission to discharge

Customized Telemed from FasPsych

FasPsych can eliminate costly transportation requirements by offering convenient, virtual access to psychiatric care for your residents. Our telemed services will:

  • Deliver quality mental health care to residential treatment centers in any location.
  • Help develop a flexible schedule that fulfills your required number of appointments.
  • Assist our providers to work within and document information using your existing electronic medical records system.

At FasPysch, our team will work directly with you to create a flexible, convenient telepsychiatric solution for your facility. Get in touch now to get started.